最近,美国斯坦福大学举行了2021届学生的开学典礼,校长Marc Tessier-Lavigne向新生发表了主题演讲。

  在演讲中,校长Marc Tessier-Lavigne反复强调“你们属于这里”,鼓励新生把握斯坦福提供的种种机会,为世界的进步作出自己的贡献,在纷繁复杂的世界中不忘初 心、砥砺前行。并送给了新生三大期许:保持好奇与开放精神,敏于机遇;热心公益,投身世界;探索自我,忠于自我,做可靠的人,做最好的自己。



  To our incoming first year and transfer students, I am honored to welcome each of you to Stanford University。 Your mind, your heart, and the story of who you are inspire us。


  We are so looking forward to helping you spread your wings and fly… and to how your presence will enrich our campus.To all of the parents and family members who are here, thank you so much for entrusting your loved ones to us。 We pledge to do our best by them as though they are our own。


  In fact, a Stanford sophomore is my own – my daughter Ella.Please know, just as we welcome our students, we welcome all of you to the Stanford family。


  Students, as you begin an incredible odyssey of self-discovery and world discovery through academic and extracurricular activities, I am thrilled by the opportunity to share a few thoughts。

  首先,我想在Alexis(斯坦福高年级学生代表)刚才所说的基础上,重申一下:你属于这里。然后,我希望你们努力做到这三点:敏于机遇 、热心公益 、忠于自我。

  First, I want to build on what Alexis just said and to reaffirm that you belong here。 And, then I want to challenge you to do three things:

  To be curious amidst opportunity。

  To be of service to the world; and

  To be true to the best you know。


  Again, the foremost thing I want you all to know is: you belong here。

  无 论你是家里第一个上大学的人,或是来自精英家庭。无论你是美国人,还是来自其他任何地方;无论你的家庭是哪一种经济阶层,有着什么样的经济基础;无论你是 坚定于一个身份、一个群体、一个信仰、一种天分、一个活动、一个政党、一个人生哲理,或是其他任何重要的……你热爱的事情,又或者,你还处于迷茫期。


  Whether you are the first person in your family to go to college, or whether many people in your family have attended college。 Whether you and your family were born in the United States, or in another special place somewhere around the world。 Whether you come from a family of lesser or greater financial means。 Whether you are strongly committed to an identity, a group, a faith, a talent, an activity, a political party, a life philosophy—something important … something near and dear to you—or whether you are still figuring out a lot of those things。

  I want all of you to know: you belong here。


  Now, even though all of you belong, this doesn’t mean it will always be easy。  We know you are up to the challenges that will come your way, but that doesn’t mean you need to tackle them alone。




  Know that we are here for you every step of the way。  Ask for guidance and support。 Your peers, your RAs, your professors, and the myriad support services around the university stand ready to help。

  So, explore and participate in your experiences with confidence, knowing you belong here。

  But with this belonging comes a responsibility: that you too will do your part to make Stanford a community that fosters belonging for all its members。






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